Continuous School Improvement Process (CSIP)

Continuous School Improvement Process (CSIP)

A Continuous School Improvement Process (CSIP) helps sharpen AASD's focus on supporting greater student learning and staff effectiveness at District schools, including several charter schools. AASD's Vision to "Prepare Our Students for Their Future - Every Child, Every Day" drives efforts to keep improving the services we provide and the work we do.

Franklin's CSIP Plan

Franklin is a Title I Targeted Assistance school. Title I funds in a Targeted Assistance school must be used to improve the academic achievement of identified Title I students.

Students must be identified based on multiple, objective, educationally related criteria. Criteria must also be generated to determine when a student may exit the Title I program.

Title I supplemental services may be delivered in a number of ways, i.e., in-class instruction; pull-out instruction; and/or extended day, week, or year instruction.

Franklin Targeted Assistance CSIP/Title I Plan