Library Media Center (LMC) Books

Students are regularly given instruction in the use of the Computer Lab, the LMC, and the resources located in the LMC for research and recreational reading.

Every classroom is scheduled to visit the LMC once a week, at which time they may check out 2-3 books and one magazine. There are over 20 magazines for students to read and/or check out. Paperback books are also available. Parents may check out materials from the LMC.

Parenting resources are available to Franklin parents and staff members in the Parent Resource Center located in the LMC.  Stop in and check out the variety of books, magazines, and other resources.

Located outside the LMC is Franklin’s “Give a Book, Take a Book” display. Students can bring books from home that they are finished with and, in turn, take a book that another student at Franklin has donated.

Parent volunteers are always welcome to work in the LMC to assist students and staff members. These parents have a great time helping in the LMC. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the school office.