Important Franklin In-Person Learning Information

Important Franklin In-Person Learning Information
Posted on 01/12/2021
Dear Franklin Families,
We are preparing for in person learning and have several important items to share with you. Classes are
scheduled to begin in-person instruction at Franklin School on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
. K-4 students will attend M-F, for full days. Gr. 5-6 students will attend two full days in person and three days virtual. To prepare students for a successful start, please watch your email carefully for an important invitation from your child/ren’s teacher. Each Franklin classroom is setting up an optional opportunity for students to move in their school supplies, find their desk/locker, and locate their line up location prior to the start of school. Most of these opportunities are taking place this Weds or Thursday.

In-person learning will look, sound, and feel different than previous years. Please read the below carefully and discuss with your child/ren so they are also prepared. All mitigation strategies outlined in this newsletter follow AASD Safe and Resilient return guidelines for EC-6th grade students. These strategies are universal across all elementary schools.

The first bell will ring at 8:22 and the final bell will ring at 8:27 am. School concludes at 3:20 pm. All students must leave school grounds by 3:30 pm, at the final bell. The playground before/after school is CLOSED. Students will have 1-20 min recess and 1-50 minute lunch/recess per day.

Students must be symptom free and families need to take their children’s temperature prior to leaving home and coming to school. Please refer to the AASD Student Screening and Illness Guide daily. Note: if your child is experiencing ONE symptom on this checklist, he/she MUST remain home.

Please update your contact information in the parent portal on Infinite Campus.

It’s been awhile since we’ve been in person and it is very important that we are able to reach you during the day. All families need to have two emergency contacts listed for your child. If you can’t remember your password or have trouble updating your contact information, please call our school. It’s so important that we can reach you should your child become ill at school.

Medication/Health conditions
Please call the office immediately if your child needs to take medication at school, has allergies, or special health conditions. Our school nurse, Mrs. Paulson, will review your child’s needs and a health plan will be established, if needed. It is CRUCIAL for us to know any special medical needs your child has PRIOR to the start of school.

BEFORE SCHOOL arrival… drop off is on Marquette Street (curbside only). This is a DROP OFF/KEEP MOVING line. You may NOT park your car or leave your car in the pick up line. Students should NOT be waiting in their car for the bell. Please drop your child off and move on. To reduce the number of individuals- families are encouraged to NOT be on campus before or after school. Staff will be available to assist students. THE PLAYGROUND IS CLOSED before/after school.

K-2 students should report immediately to their assigned class line by DOOR G, standing on every other foot print. Gr. 3-6 students should report immediately to their assigned class line by DOOR F, standing on every other foot print. Students may not play on the woodchips or run around the playground- all AASD playgrounds are CLOSED before and after school.

Students should NOT arrive at school prior to 8:10 AM unless participating in the before school Extended Day Learning program. Our first bell rings at 8:22 am with instruction beginning at 8:27 am. Staff will monitor the student lines and may begin taking students inside to wait by their lockers prior to the bell to assist with social distancing. If students need Franklin’s bike rack, they will wait their turn to ensure physical distancing. K-2 bike racks are outside DOOR H and gr. 3-6 bike racks are outside door E. Bikes should be locked in a rack at designated points.

If a student is not wearing a face covering/mask prior to entering the building, one will be provided upon
arrival to school.

On inclement weather days, students will enter the building at DOOR H and report directly to their locker. All lockers have been socially distanced. Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the weather and have all winter gear on daily (hats, gloves, boots, snow pants, winter coat) as students will be going outside for recess.

Any student dropped off after school has started or picked up during school hours-please report to entrance. Parent/Guardians and students must be wearing face masks at drop off/pick up areas and will need to sanitize their hands before entering the office. Only 2 families will be allowed in the office at one time. Please use our doorbell and intercom for communication. Franklin will continue to restrict visitors and guests to essential needs only. All visitors meeting with staff will need to have an appointment.

Students will have breakfast in their classroom. Following the morning entrance bell, students will put their things in their locker, drop off items at their desk, wash their hands, and may participate in our FREE universal breakfast (see Chartwell’s menu. There is no prior sign up needed). Students with food allergies--PLEASE contact the office for paperwork. Students will have time to wash their hands prior to eating and will be asked to wipe down their own area when finished eating. Students will also periodically clean their area to reduce germs in our classroom using cleaning/disinfecting clothes provided by our district.

○ K-2 lunch is 11-11:50. Students will eat first and then report outside for recess. Parents/guests may NOT eat at school. You may pick up your child, but for mitigation strategies we are discouraging families from doing so.

○ Gr. 3-6 student lunch is 11:30-12:20. Students will have recess first and then eat. You may pick up your child, but for mitigation strategies we are discouraging families from doing so.

○ Some students will eat in their classrooms at their desk with a lunch supervisor and some classrooms will eat in the MPR (no more than 1 classroom) or gym (no more than 2 classrooms with the screen dividing the gym). Students will be socially distanced, with all desks/tables facing the same direction. Students will be asked to clean their own area when finished eating.

Water Bottles/Hydration/Bathroom breaks
K-1 students have classroom bathrooms. Gr. 2-6 classrooms will have assigned AM/PM bathroom breaks for mitigation and to reduce student to student contact. All drinking fountains have been covered. Signs with social distancing reminders have been placed throughout our school, along with hand sanitizer stations. Students will also have specific times for hydration breaks when masks can be removed temporarily.

Please send your child’s new Franklin Water bottle to school.
For the safety of all students, metal or hard plastic bottles will NOT be allowed at school. For safety reasons, teachers will have designated hydration station times throughout the day.

Staggered Dismissal
No non staff member is allowed to enter the building during dismissal time through any entrances. Please wait for your student in your car or stand socially distanced outside. Visitors will only be allowed at entrance A (main door).

· 5th /6th Grade-Exit Door G @ 3:20 pm waiting on LINDBERGH STREET
· 4th grade- Exit Door C @ 3:20 pm waiting on LINDBERGH STREET
· 3rd grade-Exit Door A @ 3:15 pm waiting on LINDBERGH STREET
· 2nd grade-Exit Door G @ 3:15 pm waiting on MARQUETTE STREET
· 1st grade (Inglis) - Exit Door H @ 3:20 pm waiting on MARQUETTE STREET
· Kindergarten (Aplin + Lange)- Exit Door H @ 3:15 pm waiting on MARQUETTE STREET

Please pick up K-2 students first on Marquette Street, then pull your car around to Lindbergh Street for gr. 3-6 students. We apologize for the inconvenience, but older students will not be able to wait with younger
students. You will need to go to both pick up locations due to social distancing.

Ill Students
Any time a student is feeling unwell, he or she will be walked down to our isolation room and if the student is exhibiting one or more symptoms on the AASD Screening Guide (above) the child will need to go home (ALONG WITH SIBLINGS). Parents/guardians/designee over 18 years old will need to pick up the student and siblings immediately. Students will be picked up on Jarchow Street at DOOR J (not the main office).

The Isolation Room para will meet you and discuss your child’s return to school day. Please be prepared that your child’s return date may be 10 days or more (may be less pending the negative results of a COVID test.) Please see the nurse’s note at the end of this newsletter.

Student Chromebooks/devices will need to be transported with K-6 students to and from school
should a classroom, pod, or our school need to quarantine, or if we need to move into the virtual
model of instruction with limited notice.

Devices need to arrive to school each day charged. Please keep the charging cord home. Students will not need to bring their charger to school. At times during the day, instruction may be delivered virtually. We do not have extra devices at school for students to use. Teachers will check nightly that students leave with their devices. This is very important in case your child or classroom will be quarantined the following day.

Agendas/school supplies needed

Please send your child to school with their AASD agenda planner so that Gr. 1-6 students may record nightly homework. Our school supply list is on our website. In addition, please remember to send gym shoes, extra face masks for your child, and a change of clothes to be left in the locker. K-2 students may bring a healthy PM snack they can open/eat without assistance and without refrigeration. If you need assistance obtaining school supplies, please contact our school counselor, Miss Turner.

Birthday treats/non edible gifts/invitations
Due to mitigation strategies, none of these items are allowed on school grounds this year. Additionally, no toys, playground balls, trading cards, etc may be brought to school.

This mitigation strategy will be used in all Kindergarten classrooms (and some gr. 1-6 classrooms when social distancing is not possible) in our district. Podding means small groups. The teacher will group 3-4 students together and those students will be seated near each other, share instructional tools, and rotate through activities together throughout the day. All students within a pod will complete the same instructional activities.

A pod will not closely interact with other pods. Rather, this mitigation strategy helps reduce the number of students that need to be sent home when a student becomes ill and contact tracing becomes necessary. (Instead of an entire classroom being sent home, only a pod will be quarantined).

○ Gr. 1-6… because of our large classrooms at Franklin, podding is not required but teachers may choose to pod for instructional purposes. This will be communicated to you by the teacher.

Students will go outside for recess and masks will need to be worn, even outside. Grade levels will be assigned to a daily playground zone. Each zone consists of a blacktop area and a field area. The grade level zone will change daily so children will cover all zone areas over the course of a week.

Students may choose which part of the zone they play in for the day, but they may only play with students from their classroom or the same grade classroom within their zone. Each zone will have no more than 40 students. Students need boots/snow pants to play in their assigned field.

Music, guidance, and art classes will be held in student classrooms with staff traveling room to room (in lieu of students). Band (and art) for gr. 5-6 students will be virtual. Gr. 4 strings students will have in person instruction (gr. 5-6 strings will be virtual). Tag for all students will be virtual. Students will not have LMC skills or computer lab time. Some special education and EL instruction will also be virtual, even though students may be in person.

Classroom volunteers/field trips/Lions Vision Screen/Dental Bus/classroom observations
AASD policy has indicated that these opportunities will not occur this year.

Extended Day Learning Opportunities
Franklin will continue to have our YMCA Before and After Care program. Please call the Downtown YMCA to register your child. At this time we will NOT offer the Boys and Girls Club bus after school.

Family Forum Q & A
Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of all students and staff. The staff and I are working hard to make your child’s reentry experience as smooth, safe, and enjoyable as possible. I will be holding two virtual question and answer sessions for Franklin families on the Safe and Resilient Return.

There will not be a formal presentation- rather, an open forum for you to ask questions you may have regarding our return to school. If you have any questions but can’t join us for the family forum, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I’m here to support you!

★ Family Forum Q & A: Tuesday, Jan. 12th from 12 pm-1 pm
★ Family Forum Q & A: Thursday, Jan. 14th from 12 pm- 1 pm