Interested in volunteering at Franklin or within the Appleton Area School District? Franklin is seeking volunteers for helping out in the library and in the classroom.

Contact the Franklin school office for more information. You may be required to fill out a background check form.

Volunteer Opportunities

No matter what your schedule, we can use your help at Franklin. There are tons of ways to make our fantastic school an even better place for our kids. 

Our goal this year is to have each family choose 4 ways to help support Franklin this school year.  When completed, to acknowledge your support please fill out a star from the office, to go up on our volunteer appreciation wall.  Thank you!

  • Become a member of our Franklin PTO
  • Donate extra school supplies 
  • Attend a field trip
  • Donate extra money to cover another child’s expenses for a field trip
  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom
  • Help set up a Science experiment
  • Help sort and organize workbook pages/worksheets
  • Fold and staple booklets (at home)
  • Cut out lamination (at home)
  • Sharpen pencils 
  • Fill student mailboxes
  • Give a presentation related to a lesson based on employment or experience
  • Help organize book orders
  • Make a dish to pass at parent-teacher conferences
  • Volunteer for the Knowledge-a-thon
  • Donate to the Knowledge-a-ton
  • Volunteer for Picture Day
  • Help with the Book Fair
  • Purchase a book for a classroom from the Book Fair
  • Help with Field Day
  • Be a mystery reader in your child’s class
  • Help a teacher put up student work/artwork 
  • Shelve library books
  • Read 1 on 1 with a child
  • Help practice math facts 1 on 1 with a child
  • Cut out manipulatives for teachers (at home)
  • Make game pieces or flashcards (at home)
  • Collect box tops for education (at home)
  • Collect, count and mail in box tops (at home)

So, find your niche!   Your help is wanted and welcome. Please share more ideas, suggestions and comments. Fill out the bottom sheets and send back with your child’s teacher. Thank you!

Families "4" Franklin

Parent Chaperone Policy 

Franklin School appreciates and values the assistance of parent chaperones on field trips. Field trips offer students an opportunity to extend their learning into the community, and your support and involvement of all the children ensures a higher degree of student safety. Chaperones, along with staff, are responsible for the care, welfare, safety, and security of the children assigned to them. To maintain a positive experience for students, parents, and staff, the following guidelines have been established: 

  • All chaperones must have a completed and approved criminal background check on file. Please plan on at least three weeks processing time for your background check. Background checks may come back to the school as approved, approved with teacher supervision (you must remain with the teacher at all times) or denied. If your background check comes back to the school as approved with supervision or denied, you will be contacted by the principal. Your background check will be valid for four years. There is no cost to complete a background check. If you completed a form at a 4K site, especially a community daycare and not an AASD school site, you will need to complete an additional background check.  
  • Concealed weapons are NOT allowed on school grounds, on buses, or while you are accompanying students on field trips.  
  • Students and chaperones are asked to NOT bring electronics to a field trip or on the bus.
  • Any parent or legal guardian is welcome to chaperone a field trip. In cases where parents/guardians will be alone with children outside the supervision of staff while on a field trip, a criminal background check is required.  There is no cost for the background check, and the background check will remain on file for a period of five years.  
  • Chaperones must be 18 years of age or older. Adult age siblings are not permitted to chaperone.
  • Grandparents and/or extended family members not living with the child may chaperone a field trip at the discretion of the teacher. This determination will be made based on the number of chaperones needed for a field trip.  Preference for chaperones will be given to adults residing with the child.  A limit of 2 will be given to the number of chaperones per field trip from the same family.
  • Chaperones are responsible for the safety and well-being of the students that are assigned to them.  Therefore, younger children are not permitted to accompany parent/guardian chaperones (babies/toddlers/children attending other schools/younger siblings, etc) may not participate in the field trip. 
  • Chaperones are expected to assist teachers with student supervision and appropriate field trip behavior.    
  • Chaperones should notify the teacher immediately if challenging behavior occurs.  Chaperones are not to discipline students.
  • Chaperones may need to drive to the field trip if there are not enough seats remaining on the bus. 

Volunteering in the AASD