Student Pick-up Safely

Student Pick-up Safely
Posted on 02/18/2021
Frankie's Pick-up Directions

Franklin Families,

In our continued effort to keep students safe, please check out this informational video on using our end of day pick up: Frankie's Pick-Up Directions

Where do I pick up?

K-2—pick up on Marquette Street
Gr. 3-6 – pick up on Lindbergh Street
Multiple students?  This year due to COVID mitigation we need you to pick up at both locations

Remember, stay in your car, keep your car moving forward in the line and don’t block crosswalks. 

Child needs help getting in or out of the car? No problem!  Please don’t use our pick-up lines but rather park your car in a parking spot and walk onto school grounds to meet your child. Use Mr. Mike our crossing guard to help you cross safely.